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convention. they asked when did i endorse obama, and i said tonight. i knew that i had to get off the fence and go for him because john mccain had just said that women's problem was that we didn't have enough education or training. that's why we didn't make enough money. i couldn't can let that go. i had to start campaigning and tried to get the laws changed. because it was important. it was a record deal. it took us 18 months to get the lily ledbetter bill passed. and the paycheck fairness act. fifteen years in the works, it failed by two votes. all democrats voted for it, but no republican would come across the aisle and vote for it. it was the same as the lily ledbetter bill. had that been the law, i would've known that i was getting shortchanged. way back when and i could've done something about it. but there's his people's lives. this is not a game. this is families across the nation. and i have learned that young people are suffering because her mothers are working two jobs and they still can't make ends meet. and their mothers are not there to prepare good healthy meals, the kids are
. it is a priority of the obama administration. he wasn't reelected. number one. number two, it's very popular in the united states. half of all american families gave money for haiti after the earthquake. every little town in america sent a group to work down there and have seen firsthand the challenges in haiti and have an appreciation for them, and are supportive of our help. there's broad bipartisan support, only congress, for haiti over the years. so while, you know, certainly secretary clinton and some of her aides have been very passionate about haiti, i think that will continue. you'll still be stuck with me by the way for a while. [laughter] >> any other comments or questions? okay, there's one over there and then i will turn it over for concluding remarks. >> thank you very much. and philips again. just a question. a lot of emphasis, not only in reports about eight to haiti and some of the failures, but in assistance to other countries, really emphasize the deficit of local knowledge on the part of internationals, americans who go there to help. with the best of intention. so it's ve
, first bill signed into law by the new president, obama, was the lily ledbetter fair pay act under title vii. the last paycheck issued to a victim of discrimination begins the running of the statute of limitations. and the lily ledbetter experience shows that if congress is persistent in correcting the supreme court when it misinterprets its congressional intent, there is yet hope. as you probably know, ms. led better's name and face came up more than a few times in the most recent presidential election. the intrigue of the case is very well described in a recent book by jerry too by -- jeffrey too toobin "the oath." it's a must-read look for those of you interested in this area of the law. notwithstanding ledbetter, the national enforcement of the laws seeking to level the playing field is not very encouraging today. federal trial courts are generally hostile to the title vii plaintiff. she has a host of hurdles which she must survive. first, the court has reversed to basically the old common law pleadings, something which i thought had been largely abandoned by the time i graduated fro
a mccain bumper sticker or an obama sign in your yard. so you shouldn't say that i love sarah palin -- i don't love sarah palin, you know, on your twitter account. especially if you are a journalist. so i think that there are many guidelines and rules. we need to consider them. not necessarily making up new ones. the most important thing that people need to remember when they are using these tools is what your good judgment is. show your good judgment. i did a story a couple of weeks ago about school boards across the country imposing guidelines for teachers on facebook. because for many teachers, the decision to defend a student or not was a decision that many teachers were and are making all by themselves. it has been getting some teachers in trouble. sometimes it is fascinating that some teachers unions fight back against these guidelines. they see them as being too restrictive of freedom of expression and there is a big dispute over a law in missouri. however some see these guidelines during this period is being guidelines to really protect educators. it helps you understand what was
have president obama grab a bringing the debate to share the responsibility of ownership are just natural movement, which we need to share. that it hoped the same message we will be able to convey because the american people, individually need to hear that they have been saving lives of millions of people we are making effort to share the burden with other countries now. >> peter. >> on the same lines, i would save taxpayers money has saved millions of lives and has also, i think, improved american image in the world to a large extent. decreasing that effort now is not only going to cost millions of lives because people will die, but also i think would be from a good and smart foreign policy. now let's see how our friend, the biggest problem at the conference may be how do american aids activists going to handle that. that is i think the biggest challenge. >> it is a good note to take questions from the audience. i ask that you raise your hand and wait until the microphone reaches you and be sure to identify yourself and give us a real question. i see one right down here quick and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5